Robert Cristian Bulai – alumnus 2020

Robert is an MBA candidate at INSEAD Business School. He is a professional with experience in quality assurance and business analysis interested in pursuing a career in venture capital.

Daria Zăhăleanu – alumna 2016

Daria, 19 years old, is a freshman at New York University Abu Dhabi, where she studies Computer Engineering. Daria gained national and regional recognition at Mathematics and Romanian Language Olympiads several years in a row. Daria’s ambition is to become a researcher-storyteller and an expert in the art of debugging.

Mădălina Bodârlău – alumna 2016

Mădălina, 23 years old, holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in Journalism and International Economics, and she is currently pursuing a Msc in Marketing at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Her goal is to work in quantitative marketing research, and she is passionate about entrepreneurship and data journalism.

Ana-Maria Lungu – alumna 2015

Ana-Maria, 20 years old, is currently studying at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iași, Romania, where she is pursuing a in Computer Science. She plans to pursue her passion for art and programming by seeking a in Game Development and Design.

Ioana Ghiga – alumna 2015

Ioana has an educational background in pharmaceutics, public health and international relations, and she currently works as an Analyst for the RAND Corporation. She is planning to pursue a PhD with a global health focus which will enable her to further advance her methodological skills and knowledge in the area.

Sergiu-Constantin Dur – alumnus 2015

Sergiu, 27 years old, just received a BA in Security Studies from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, and also holds a BA and an MA in Economy. Passionate about the history, culture and civilization of the Middle East and North Africa, he seeks to improve his knowledge in the field by pursuing a MA in the region. In long term, he seeks a career in diplomacy or academia and research.

Ioana Vasile – alumna 2014

Ioana, 18 years old, is a senior at “Carol I” National College in Craiova, Romania, where she studies Computer Science and Mathematics. She started coding when she was 10 and volunteering when she was 13. Ioana hopes to study Computer Science as an undergraduate in the United States or in the United Kingdom.

Gabriel Găitan – alumnus 2014

Gabriel, 18 years old, is a senior at the International Computer High School of Bucharest, Romania. Gabriel represented Romania at the 2014 International Physics Olympiad in Kazakhstan, where he won a bronze medal. He has been a National Physics Olympiad medalist since the 9th grade. Gabriel plans to study physics and mathematics as an undergraduate in the United States or in the United Kingdom and hopes to pursue a career in research.

Andreea Oncescu – alumna 2014

Andreea, 17 years old, is a senior at the International Computer High School of Bucharest, Romania. Andreea represented Romania at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament in the United Kingdom and was a member of the Romanian Team for the International Physics Olympiad. She plans to study bioengineering as an undergraduate in the United Kingdom or in the United States.

Mara Șteiu – alumna 2014

Mara, 17 years old, studies Mathematics and Computer Sciences in Cluj, Romania. Mara is passionate about business and entrepreneurship, and she is currently developing her own business, a financial educational game called Teentrepreneur Game, which has won the international startup competition Startup Pirates Cluj. Mara is also a national champion in ballroom dancing, and a professional piano player. She is planning to study Business and Economics as an undergraduate in the U.K. or the U.S.

Maria Pascale – alumna 2014

Maria, 16 years old, is a junior at the International Computer High School of Bucharest, Romania. Maria gained national recognition for her performances in the Chemistry and Science Olympiads. She is excited by the idea of enrolling in an undergraduate program with a highly regarded British or American university where she can study two subjects she is passionate about, Chemistry and Bioscience.

Melody Pham – alumna 2013

Melody, 21 years old, is a chemistry major at Franklin & Marshall College, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She discovered her passion for organic chemistry over summers spent in the research lab and plans seek a PhD in organic chemistry. She is also an avid violinist and hiker. Melody, who grew up in Vietnam and moved to the U.S. at the age of 15, is a second-time REF alumna.

Sebastian Trifa – alumnus 2013

Sebastian, 17 years old, is a student at the International Computer High School of Bucharest, Romania. He has participated in several national science olympiads and has won two medals at the International Astronomy Olympad. Sebastian is an active member of the Meridian 0 Astroclub and contributor for He is interested in undergraduate programs in the United States and Great Britain.

Silviu Sand – alumnus 2013

Silviu, 22 years old, is currently a student at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management in Leipzig, Germany, where he is pursuing an M.Sc. in Management. He graduated as a valedictorian in Management and in European Administration from Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, and completed an ERASMUS scholarship in Germany. After finishing his studies in 2015, he plans to work in management consulting.

Radu Clapa – alumnus 2013

Radu, 26 years old, graduated as valedictorian from the Lower Danube University in Galați, Romania, in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This spring he is starting an MSc in Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark.

David Călin – alumnus 2013

David, 18 years old, is a high school student at the Costache Negruzzi National College in Iasi, Romania. A medalist at international Chemistry and Science olympiads, David is passionate about Chemistry and Biology and hopes to work as a researcher in these fields after completing an undergraduate degree in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Georgiana Ghetie Doncu – alumna 2013

Georgiana is a former medical student at Iuliu Hatieganu University, Cluj-Napoca, who has discovered her passion for psychology and cognitive sciences. This fall, she will start her undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. She plans to study cognitive and social abnormalities in patients with psychopathologies.

Vlad Marinescu – alumnus 2013

Vlad, 17 years old, is a high school student at Colegiul National “Moise Nicoara” in Arad, Romania, with a fascination for computers. He plans to complete an MEng in Computing at Imperial College London. Vlad is a national Math and Physics olympiads medalist and an active volunteer in his high school.

Luisa Bunescu – alumna 2013

Luisa, 24 years old, plans to complete a Master of Public Policy in the United States. She received her BA in European Studies and International Relations from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and an MA in the same field from the Institut Européen, Nice, France and the Institut für Europäische Politik, Berlin, Germany. She hopes that her M.P.P. will help her to create and implement sustainable public policies in Romania.

Eduard Medre – alumnus 2013

Eduard, 18 years old, is a high school student at Colegiul National “Iancu de Hunedoara” in Hunedoara. He is exceptionally passionate about cinema and plans to study film-making in the United Kingdom.

Octavian Movilianu – alumnus 2013

Octavian, 18 years old, is going to study Computer Science at Oxford. He has taken part in many Math, Physics and Computer Science competitions, representing Romania at the International Tournament for Young Mathematicians in Paris and taking part in the extended Romanian Team for the International Physics Olympiad. Octavian hopes to create world-changing innovations.

Ioana Ștefan – alumna 2012

Ioana, 23 years old, is a Senior Pharmacy student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” Iaşi and she plans to start her MA in Pharmacology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden next fall. During the faculty years she has been involved in various research projects presented at the Pharmacy Students National Congress. Her motivation for studying abroad was kindled during her Erasmus scholarship in France.

Mara Zafiu – alumna 2012

Mara, 18 years old, hopes to study biological sciences in the United States. She has been volunteering in numerous organizations, such as Youth Academy or the Volunteer Brigade, and has recently pursued a biology program in the United States.
Bianca Florea

Bianca Florea – alumna 2012

Bianca, 24 years old, obtained her BA from the University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, Faculty of Biotechnology. Her thesis was based on cancer research she carried out in the laboratory of Prof. John R. Griffiths of the Cambridge Research Institute in Cambridge, England, as the recipient of an AMGEN Summer Research Scholarship. In 2011, Bianca began a Master of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology; at the end of the academic year, she was offered a research scholarship at the University of Cambridge, where she will start an MPhil at the MRC-Mitochondrial Biology Unit under the supervision of Prof. John E. Walker, a winner of the Nobel Prize. She loves doing research, spending most of her days in the laboratory.

Robert Petruț – alumnus 2012

Robert, 18 years old, hopes to study medical physics in the United States and recently took part in a youth exchange program in the US. Robert is a national olympian in math and physics and volunteers at Red Cross and Intercampus Slatina.

Mihai Roșu – alumnus 2012

Mihai, 22 years old, will begin an MA in Nationalism Studies at the Central European University in Budapest. He majored in both Political Science and German and Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Bucharest, and his interest in studying abroad was sparked by an Erasmus scholarship in Germany.

Anita Sobjak – alumna 2012

Anita, 24 years old, plans to study Economics as a means of enhancing her understanding of Central and Eastern Europe. She completed her BA in International Relations and European Studies at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and went on to master in Eastern European Studies at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. She now seeks admission for an MSc in Economics.

Alin Savu – alumnus 2012

Alin, 22 years old, is passionate about the study of human behavior and conduct in society. He holds a BA from the University of Bucharest Department of Political Science, and he is applying for masters programs in Social Anthropology (UK), Political Behaviour and Communication (Netherlands), and Social Studies (Italy). He got his first taste of studying abroad as an Erasmus student in Italy. His extracurricular experience includes work for the Centre for the Investigation of the Communist Crimes in Romania, the Romanian Cultural Institute, and other local NGOs.

Mihaela Popa – alumna 2012

Mihaela, 22 years old, plans to start her MA in Strategic Management this fall at the Rotterdam School of Management. She holds a BA from the Babes Bolyai University Faculty of Business. Her interest in studying abroad was kindled by a week-long leadership and entrepreneurship educational program taught by Harvard professors, and as an undergraduate she was an Erasmus student in Poland. She has volunteered for the international NGO AIESEC and has coordinated chess lessons and cultural workshops for youngsters.